Book Review

Book Review: See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Rating: ★★★★
Audience: NA Contemporary Romance
Length: 432 pages
Author: Rachel Lynn Solomon
Publisher: Simon Schuster
Release Date: May 17th, 2022
Image & Other Reviews on: Goodreads


Barrett Bloom is hoping college will be a fresh start after a messy high school experience. But when school begins on September 21st, everything goes wrong. She’s humiliated by the know-it-all in her physics class, she botches her interview for the college paper, and at a party that night, she accidentally sets a frat on fire. She panics and flees, and when she realizes her roommate locked her out of their dorm, she falls asleep in the common room.

The next morning, Barrett’s perplexed to find herself back in her dorm room bed, no longer smelling of ashes and crushed dreams. It’s September 21st. Again. And after a confrontation with Miles, the guy from Physics 101, she learns she’s not alone—he’s been trapped for months.

When her attempts to fix her timeline fail, she agrees to work with Miles to find a way out. Soon they’re exploring the mysterious underbelly of the university and going on wild, romantic adventures. As they start falling for each other, they face the universe’s biggest unanswered question yet: what happens to their relationship if they finally make it to tomorrow?


I can’t say groundhog day themed books are something I enjoy, but I do think this one was written really well. Especially as an audiobook I had no trouble wanting to pick this up and keep going (most of the time). That’s the problem with this theme, generally at some point it just starts to feel repetitive.

The relationship between Barrett and Miles was really sweet. I liked how they went from a bit of good banter, to reluctant friends stuck in the same situation, to lovers who had both let their guards down. It was romantic and I enjoyed both characters on their own too.

The plot was good. I think the paced was kept up well and I liked the bit of magical realism attributed to everything. It gave plenty of opportunity for Barrett to right some wrongs AND come work through the horrid things she went through during high school. A lot of momentous moments for her. The college setting was amazing and now I want to read more books in this sub zone because they are incredibly endearing.

Overall audience notes:

  • NA Contemporary Romance
  • Language: strong
  • Romance: brief open door
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: Sexual harassment recounted, panic attack, car accident, bullying

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