Book Review

Book Review: Charting Stars (The Nine Realms Tales #1) by Micheline Ryckman

Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Audience: Fantasy Romance
Length: 325 pages
Author: Micheline Ryckman
Publisher: Whimsical Publishing
Release Date: May 21st, 2021
Image & Other Reviews on: Goodreads


Talia Benson would consider herself fairly ordinary. Anyone would. Diligent student, only child to a single mother, protector of three cats—nothing crazy has ever happened to her. And Talia wants it to stay that way: stable. Her knack for making friends, along with her obsession with the stars and her love for skirt pockets, coffee, and art, is more than enough to keep Talia happy for the rest of her days—that is, until a single evening in front of a blank canvas becomes the adventure she never dreamed she wanted.

Now, Talia finds herself lost in a world completely unlike her own, a land where monsters roam and magic thrives, where wars are born then die at the wave of a hand, and where strange entities decide the fate of those who live among the Nine Realms. The guardians of these foreign lands have seen a great shift in the heavens. Something has changed, a prophecy has been spoken—a darkness is coming. But maybe, just maybe, an ordinary girl thrown between worlds could be the key to saving it all.

Charting Stars is the first book in a spirited, heartfelt young adult fantasy series by Micheline Ryckman that will appeal to the minds of those who’ve always felt, well, ordinary. Talia’s adventures prove that even an average everyday girl can have skills enough to be a hero. And she’s joined on her journey by a lovable cast of characters—some human, some furry, some covered in ivy vines—who will steal your heart away.


This was such a good read!! It’s a super short fantasy (under 300 pages) and I felt wrapped up in it and loving all of the characters. It’s wholesome and whimsical. All the things I could have hoped for when I picked it up.

It’s a pretty classic YA fantasy (but the characters felt older, so probably closer to NA). Our heroine lands in an unknown land and finds herself on an adventure with a rag-tag group of people while she learns about everything around her. I adored the sweetly paced romance that for fast-paced didn’t bother me for a moment. Jarrett and Talia were just precious.

I liked the plot line and outer story of the magic system and world building. It could have been even further expanded, but I didn’t feel that was the nature of this book which led me to just want to devour it and anxiously await the next installment. I love the way Ryckman writes her stories and I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve read!

Overall audience notes:

  • NA Fantasy
  • Language: none
  • Romance: kisses
  • Violence: physical and magical altercations, near death experiences

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