Book Review

Book Review: Shiver Me Witches (Riddler’s Edge #4) by A.A. Albright

Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Audience: Cozy Paranormal Mystery
Length: 287 pages
Author: A.A. Albright
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: October 3rd, 2018
Image & Other Reviews on: Goodreads


It’s Halloween in Riddler’s Edge, and everyone is having a wonderful time. So wonderful that they don’t seem to care when two women are murdered on Pirates’ Pier.

There’s a strange new magic affecting everyone. Everyone, that is, except Aisling Smith. But without the help of her friends, will she be able to find the killer in time?

Dealing with murder, magically-altered friends, and a fair few ghosts and pirates is going to make for a busy Halloween. But even if Aisling gets through all of that, there will be one more mystery left to solve. A mystery that means more to her than anything.

Will she finally discover what happened to her parents?


Reading this around Halloween was a perfect decision if you ask me. Another great read for this series!!

I love how Aisling really got to shine in this book while the rest of the town was under a curse. Using her wiles and ingenuity, Aisling cracked the case and saved her friends. It was an interesting story line that worked into the bigger plot and I’m always impressed at how that happens.

It was also great getting more about Aisling’s family!! I don’t want to discuss too much because spoilers, but things are progressing well. A quick, delightful read. On to the next!

Overall audience notes:

  • Paranormal cozy mystery
  • Language: none
  • Romance: kisses
  • Violence: murder, kidnapping, attempted murder

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