Book Review

Book Review: The Trustworthy Groom (Texas Titan Romances) by Cami Checketts

Rating: ☆☆
Audience: Contemporary Sports Romance
Length: 180 pages
Author: Cami Checketts
Publisher: Birch River Publishing
Release Date: January 18th, 2018
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A lonely football player, a damaged bride, and the fake marriage that can heal them both.
Hailey Knight has two choices: fall prey to a predator who is out to own her and destroy her football team, or marry a man she’s just met. True, her fake husband can make her quiver with a touch, gets her jokes, and is patience personified, but she knows better than anyone how quickly charm can turn ugly.
Brady Giles has dealt with a sweetheart stalker for two years and has no hope of shaking the annoyance. He steps in to rescue the beautiful and feisty Hailey Knight from a leering idiot and somehow ends up engaged to her.
The marriage is supposed to help them both out of sticky situations, but instead turns into a media hailstorm with lies and attacks coming from all sides. When Hailey falls in love with her fake husband and danger lurks around every corner, she knows it’s time to run, but Brady has never given up on an impossible battle.
Can these two trust each other or will the media and predators tear them apart?


Full stop. This book was utterly ridiculous. Oh my gosh. I didn’t like it at all, but it got 2 stars purely for the entertainment it gave me for a morning of reading. I kept running to my spouse shouting YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.

First of all the book wouldn’t have even needed to happen if there was on small change in the second chapter. The set-up for this marriage of convenience was worthless and sooo not necessary.

Also I hated how Hailey treated Brady. She was the one who used him to pretend he was her fiance and then was the one who was cool with the fake marriage. Why in the world would you spend most of the book then worried he was going to “steal your virtue” (books words) like he was this terrible guy. He gave you no inclination of that kind of behavior and I was upset over that.

AN ATHLETIC TRAINER IS NOT A PERSONAL TRAINER. Good heavens I hate when something is clearly not researched. Absolutely maddening. Use google and get your terms right.

Everything got oddly dark FAST and I didn’t realize I was apparently reading a romantic suspense. I mean seriously, a stalker blew up part of the guys house. WHAT?…WHAT? I can’t even begin to follow the process of thought that led to this being part of the ending scenes.

There’s just so much iffy stuff in this book y’all. Wouldn’t recommend whatsoever.

Overall audience notes:

  • Contemporary sports romance
  • Language: none
  • Romance: kisses, some implied closed door scenes
  • Violence: house explosion
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: Brady has a creepy stalker, sexual harassment, Hailey remembers a rape scene from someone she dated (brief description)

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