Book Review

Book Review: A Twist of the Blade (Shadows and Crowns #2) by S.M. Gaither

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Audience: NA Fantasy Romance
Length: 548 pages
Author: S.M. Gaither
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: January 28th, 2021
Image & Other Reviews on: Goodreads


Mercenary. Survivor. Queen.

Who is Casia Greythorne?

Still reeling from an unimaginable loss and the revelation of an identity she isn’t sure she wants to embrace, Casia has one plan: Try to control something. Something like the strange magic awakening inside of her. Mastering that magic will take her and her friends on a quest through cursed lands, into the dwellings of old gods, and deep into a southern empire filled with deadly foes and unlikely allies.

Meanwhile, the foundations of the Kethran Empire continue to crumble. The king-emperor clings to his crown with increasingly bloodied hands. Monsters and soldiers alike stalk Casia’s every step, determined not to let her return to claim a throne that is rightfully hers. Still, the greatest threat to her possible rule may not lie in the king-emperor, but in a former captain of his army—a man that she came dangerously close to falling in love with.

Elander Revenmar thought he knew who he was. He had a mission, a plan, a god he was content to serve. Then came Casia. A woman as mysterious as she is dangerous. One he should have stayed away from, and whose life he never should have saved.

Because salvation always comes with a cost.

And some debts can only be paid for in blood. 


Ohhhh my goodness. Wow am I loving this series!! These audiobooks whisk me away on an adventure filled with fighting monsters, romance, found family, twisted sibling dynamics and more. LOVE IT ALL.

The Throne of Glass vibes are one of my favorite aspects. I really like when books take after some of my all time great reads without feeling like a copycat. This is definitely different and I am wholly attached.

I like how well paced out everything is. There’s movement from high action filled with battles and massive monsters all the way to quiet moments between forbidden lovers that just have me absolutely swooning. It has just the right dash of steam and I need more Elander and Casia.

THAT CLIFF HANGER had me in full riot mode. THE AUDACITY. Though it really only solidified how much I am attached to the series. I need more. I can’t wait until the next audio book is available because it is the perfect format for me to read these.

Overall audience notes:

  • NA Fantasy + Romance
  • Language: some
  • Romance: one brief open door
  • Violence: battle/war themes, physical and magical altercations, loss of loved ones

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