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ARC Book Review: The Buy-In (Graham Brother Sweet Rom-Com #1) by Emma St. Clair

Rating: ★★★★
Audience: Contemporary Romance
Length: 412 pages
Author: Emma St.Clair
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: January 24th, 2022
Image & Other Reviews on: Goodreads


When a family of former pro football players buy a small Texas town, they didn’t intend to start a war with its residents … or to fall in love.

Ever since his career-ending injury, Pat has bounced from job to job, idea to idea, short-lived relationship to short-lived relationship. But when his father purchases the town of Sheet Cake, Pat suddenly sees his life with clear purpose: get his brothers on board with his dad’s wild idea and win back the one woman who got away.

Lindy was supposed to be traveling the world, not stuck in a small town, caring for her niece. But she would do anything to keep custody of Jo–even if that looks like a marriage of convenience with the man who already broke her heart once.

Now if she can only keep herself from falling back in love with her husband…

This is a small town, marriage of convenience romantic comedy with plenty of sizzle while keeping the bedroom door closed. It’s the first in a spinoff series following Harper’s brothers (from Falling for Your Best Friend). You don’t need to have read the Love Clichés series first to enjoy this book.

Thank you to the author for an ARC!


I adore all things Emma St. Clair and this was another notch on that belt. I have been waiting for this series starter and now I want all things Graham related. ALL THE THINGS.

This was a different take for me on the marriage of convenience trope. Love was already flowing between them before vows were said and you could FEEEEEEL it. I actually really liked that and made this book just have all of the ooey-gooey things I love. Pat had me absolutely smitten and his dedication to wooing Lindy was top notch. Lindy learning to let others help her, also top notch. Here for the character growth y’all.

Not to mention, Texas high school football, meddling friends and brothers, wild squirrels, and a rain storm. Every time Pat and Lindy fired up a kissing scene the sparks FLEW. I love how St. Clair approaches and writes these scenes. Give me alllllll those heartfelt moments.

The ending wrapped up with some tender scenes that will melt you into a puddle. I liked that the miscommunication wasn’t over blown. Each character thought and approached from their side and had an actual conversation. My fav.

Already waiting impatiently for the next story because it’s sure to be as fire as this one.

Overall audience notes:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Language: very little
  • Romance: make-outs
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: parental abandonment, caring for a parent with dementia

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