Book Review

Book Review: The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time #1) by Robert Jordan

Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Audience: Fantasy
Length: 814 pages
Author: Robert Jordan
Publisher: Tor Books
Release Date: November 15th, 1990
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The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.

The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth returns again. In the Third Age, an Age of Prophecy, the World and Time themselves hang in the balance. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

When The Two Rivers is attacked by Trollocs-a savage tribe of half-men, half-beasts- five villagers flee that night into a world they barely imagined, with new dangers waiting in the shadows and in the light.


I did it! Started a new fantasy series and I am ready for more.

There is a LOT to unpack here, but I’m just going to hit the highlights. It’s the first book in a long [14 books] series. I wasn’t expecting to be wholly blown away since there clearly is a slower nature to it, but I was impressed enough to keep going. I like the world Jordan has built and appreciate that as the wheel turned I was understanding more and more about the magic system and world.

I loved meeting the heroes and getting a multi-POV set-up. I actually liked that they got separated for a bit because it helped strengthen smaller storylines and breakdown the backgrounds of other characters.

The amount of world building felt like a lot, but towards the end I think I got a handle on it. There’s a lot of traveling and seeing many cities and groups of people to really tell an adventurous tale. I’m excited to continue the series and see how things further expound. There’s an interesting prophecy at foot and some fantasy tropes I look forward to seeing!

Overall audience notes:

  • Fantasy
  • Language: very little
  • Romance: flirting
  • Violence: many skirmishes, some battle themes, physical and magical altercations, loss of loved ones, animal attacks

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