Book Review

Book Review: Wrapping Up (Wayfair Witches #5) by A.A. Albright

Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Audience: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Length: 215 pages
Author: A.A. Albright
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: December 22nd, 2017
Image & Other Reviews on: Goodreads


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – or at least it would be, if one of the most popular witches in Riddler’s Cove hadn’t just been murdered.

When Winnie Wywood is found, strangled by festive ribbon and wrapped up like a present, there are two main suspects.

Suspect number one is the father of Wanda’s boyfriend, which might make the holiday period ever so slightly awkward.

Suspect number two is a woman who seems all too keen to admit to the murder.

Wanda hopes to track down the culprit before the Winter Solstice celebrations get underway. But there might be a little more to worry about than who killed Winnie.


Why yes, I did finish this book in less than 24 hours because I didn’t want to put it down.

So much is happening in so few pages y’all! I didn’t know how it was all leading up until the mystery started being unraveled. I love how with each mystery the larger plot of the entire series keeps unfurling. I’m not sure where that’s quite leading to, but I am definitely here for the ride. I can’t believe I’m almost to the halfway point [There’s 11 books + 2 side stories].

This one made a few things clearer in regards to Wanda and her love life. And I am totally on board which I feel is why I’m still invested in this stories. It’s kind of hit or miss in that department (as it always is with ships).

I love how themed this was with Christmas and the Winter Solstice. It made it playful and fun even if it did have its usual dash of murder. I’m smitten with these lovable characters and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Overall audience notes:

  • Paranormal cozy mystery
  • Language: none
  • Romance: kisses
  • Violence: murder

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