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ARC Book Review: A Temporary Boyfriend (The Fake Romance Series #2) by Summer Dowell

Rating: ☆☆☆ 1/2
Audience: Contemporary romance
Length: 157 pages
Author: Summer Dowell
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: March 5th, 2020
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How far would you go to get your dream job?Madison Hudson has spent the last six years working for the position that’s almost in her grasp. She’s got the qualifications, the schooling, the perfect resume; all she has left is to impress her future boss. Something a little white lie about an imaginary boyfriend can achieve. Eric Ward usually stays away from drama. As a matter fact, he generally prefers computers to humans. But when his sister begs him to play her roommate’s boyfriend for a night, he can’t find an excuse to say no. How hard can one evening be? Pity no one told him ahead of time what a knockout his fake girlfriend would be.How long before their little white lie turns into a whole lot more than these two planned for?

Thank you to the author for a digital copy. All opinions are my own!


Another cute installment in the Fake Love Series. At its length it’s easy to read in one evening if you’re needing a pick me up in-between bigger books (which is something I’m always looking for)!

There’s not a whole lot to this book, which is its strength and weakness. I was immediately tossed into the story with little time to bring me slowly in. Meeting Madison and her dilemma happen within the first few pages. Meeting Eric happens shortly after. I do like the quick pace, but I always wish these books were longer. More character background, some deeper drama, maybe a sub-plot or two. Doesn’t matter! Just something to make this more than 150 pages and for me to really have a chance to be sucked in. I feel by the time I get there I’m nearing the epilogue.

The chemistry between Madison and Eric was great. I looooved their banter and found myself snickering at their flirtations. They had plenty of interactions and time to talk that their relationship made sense and gave me plenty of warm fuzzies.

I liked the plot, but wish it had been more put together towards the end (there’s a name issue that never gets solved so I’m still wondering how that works out). I do enjoy these quick and light stories and definitely plan to read the last one!

Overall audience notes:

  • Contemporary romance
  • Language: none
  • Romance: kisses

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