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Bookish things: I went to SJM’s World Tour!

Y’all. I finished KoA in about a day all things said and done. And now I’ve almost finished reading it a second time to tab and note all of my favorite/critical parts. My review will be up soon!!


Now on to better things…my hubs (who I just adore, he’s my mate and totally judges me when I call him that) took me to the SJM event in Houston. It was such a great time! I got some great swag (pictures below), got to hear from Sarah about ToG, ACOTAR, and new books coming out in the next few years! She was incredibly funny, and there was even a live proposal they helped orchestrate.  I took a lot of notes. So here they are!

Signed book, pin, and a print from Charlie Bowater (also received a tote bag!)

General Stuff about the Throne of Glass Series

  • She’s been writing this book since she was 16, but it was pretty different from our version now. For instance, Rowan & Aelin weren’t together, but she was writing fanfic smut about them going behind their current partners back enough that she decided to make sure they did end up together. (This re-write started in 2008).
  • KoA’s final page count was around 1008 pages, but the specific glue that was ordered to bind the books couldn’t hold anything above 1000. Bloomsbury worked around the clock to play with margins, headers, etc. to cut it down to the 984 pages it is now.
  • SJM thought it was absolutely hysterical that we liked Tamlin after reading ACOTAR. And she’d have to fake it every time she met someone at a signing, etc. Thinking to herself, just wait!
  • There were originally a handful of endings for ToG, but in 2013 on a vacation in Costa Rica in the Monte Verde Cloud Forest she burst into tears when they came over the summit and knew exactly what the last line would be.
  • Aelin as a character never did what SJM wanted her to do. Only Rowan was a solid character she could count on.
  • SJM absolutely loves Lysandra and mentions that all the women in ToG are uniquely strong.mvimg_20181027_192735
  • She never cried more than when writing a critical scene for Manon in Koa.
  • Guys, she married her first boyfriend. They met when they were 18, and she feels like she can write love stories because she truly has that in her life.
  • Anytime they’re are eating scenes in the books you can safely assume she’s either eating or thinking about eating.

Fan Questions

  • How would your magic manifest?
    • She’d be a shapeshifter.
  • ACOTAR characters meeting ToG:
    • Aedion and Cassian would be bros.
    • Rhys would not be able to handle Aelin, would claim to need Tylenol to deal with her and would make Az got handle her.
    • Everyone would love Rowan.
    • Cassian would appreciate Aelin.
    • Aelin would appreciate wingspans, haha
  • Rhys vs. Maeve fight:
    • Would think Rhys would win because he would care about those he’s defending. Maeve would also be distracted by his hotness.
  • Who’s Josh’s favorite character?
    • Abraxos!
  • What do you eat while writing?
    • Any form of caffeine, red peppers, nutella on anything (notes she feels obligated to eat salads)
  • What shows would ToG watch?
    They brought Taran out!!
    • Chaol – Broad Church
    • Aelin – Vampire Diaries
    • Dorian – Great British Baking Show
    • Rowan & Aedion – American Ninja Warrior
    • Manon – doesn’t have a TV, but would secretly enjoy murder series
    • Lysandra – Downton Abbey
    • Nesryn – Luther, Sherlock
    • Elide – Mad Fat Diary, A Good Place

Info About Upcoming Books!

  • Crescent City:
    • Next book, considered adult fantasy, set to come out in 2019
    • Set in an alternate fantasy world in the future (kind of like ToG with cars, cellphones, etc.); Humans are bottom of the food chain with other magical characters.
    • Fun fact: Sold this book to her publisher with a one page synopsis and a Pinterest board.
  • ToG is “done” (she air-quoted that)
    • Would possibly explore other stories in future
    • World of Throne of Glass will be an encyclopedia of sorts, set 10 years after with some updates on what characters are up too and a chronology of what has been happening in general.
  • After Crescent City, the new ACOTAR spin-off book will come out (2020).
    • First book will feature Cassian & Nesta
    • The other stand-alone / series books will each have their own pairing.
    • Some of these pairings will be after ACOTAR series (i.e. Cassian/Nesta) and others will be prior ACOTAR.
    • They will still all be connected through themes, and don’t worry Feysand will be around too.

Let’s talk! Have you finished KoA yet? Are you so excited for SJM’s new books next year? Please comment!



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