Book Talk

Name Change!


I have a name I actually like and can get behind.

I really didn’t like Book Reviews On the Run. I originally intended to combine my loves of reading and running into a blog, but the more I played with it the more I liked keeping it as a book based blog only.

Then I had an epiphany last night! My last name (Goodey) provides a much more clever name. So there ya go.

I’m excited for this change and to really work on flourishing my blog. Thank you to my followers!

Happy reading!

–C.R. Goodey

Book Talk

My Rating System

I want to bring some more substance to my blog rather than just reviews! So let me know other things you’d like me to mention and I can work that in. I have a couple of fun ideas I hope to implement as I get a better hang of blogging.

I first wanted to start off with an explanation of my grading system. I know each review blog has their own way of defining what each book means to them, and this is what my reads mean to me.

  • I maybe DNF this book or if I did it was so very hard to get through. Plenty of mistakes in all forms (grammatical, plot holes, character issues, etc.). Not sure why I finished the book in the first place. I rarely give this out, only because I stop reading before it’s worth giving it a star in the first place.


  •  I finished the book! Woo boy though, I will not be picking up the next book in the series. I will also not write a super long review. Even if I could rave about why I didn’t like the book (and I do think negative reviews need to be voiced) I don’t like to shout from the rooftops about it. I’ll express my opinions and let you conclude your own!


  • This book wasn’t bad. Some flaws I couldn’t ignore, but I enjoyed the story overall. It’ll be a toss-up if I go for the next book. There were also some good points that kept me flipping pages.


  • TOO GOOD Y’ALL. I thoroughly had a good time reading this book. I have already ordered the next one. There was something missing that kept it from being a total knock-out, but I was entranced nonetheless.


  • YAAAAAS. All the gold stars. All the feelings. All the things. I have a lot of things to say about this book. It was amazing and any flaw was too minor for me to pay much mind. I want the entire series and this author may turn into an auto-buy for me. I may get super southern and the review may get super whirly because I can’t keep my thoughts straight with the goodness I just devoured.


I also now include a section titled Overall audience notes. This is a bullet section highlighting some main features of the book. Including but not limited to: language, sexual content, violence, trigger potentials or harsh subjects.