Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: My Rankings on Types of Bookmarks

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!

I know today is about favorite bookmarks, but I’m pretty generic. I’ve had the same book mark for 4 years now and it’s a basic dinosaur one (don’t worry I’ll put a photo below).

So instead I decided to pick out a bunch of different types of bookmarks and rank them based on my arbitrary opinions. This is one of those few times where the line-up matters.

1. Regular Bookmark

I’ve had this same bookmark from Hastings (RIP) and I love it. I’m obsessed with dinosaurs, it’s holographic and makes me smile every time I see it. I still can’t believe I’ve kept up with it this long. I love a simple bookmark.

2. Magnetic Clip Bookmark

These are so fun and so tiny! I love all of the different designs and how they take up little space.

3. Corner Bookmarks

I have never owned one of these, but admire them from a far. I love that you can make them on your own (and in so many styles). It’s perfect for the creative person at home!

4. Wrap-Around Ribbons

I love that this adds pizzazz to the outside of a book while you’re reading it. The pop of color and style can be unique to you and these are something easy to make at home too!

5. Arrow / You Stopped Here Bookmarks

How handy when you’re reading late at night and the next more having trouble remembering what line you stopped on. Never fear, this book mark will tell you exactly.

6. Tassel bookmarks

I love cute tassels that stick out from books. They don’t get in the way but are colorful and fun. Though I have found that mine always eventually fall apart.

7. Paperclips

I know you can fold these up into clip type bookmarks, but I haaate paper clips y’all. I don’t like the feel/sound of sliding them over paper and I can’t handle them for even normal uses. No to paperclips.

8. Bookmarks that having something that sticks out of the top

While tassels stay pretty much out of the way and you can still stack the book and more, bookmarks that have physical big pieces that stick out bother me. I don’t like the way they look either.

9. Random receipts, index cards, sticky notes, etc.

While good in a crunch, there’s so many bookmarks out there that it would be pretty easy to nab one. The randomness of it messes with my type-A personality. All of these options go into the trash for me.

10. Dog-ear

We can’t be friends if this is how you treat books (just kidding haha). I don’t like dog-earring at all. It ruins the book pages and makes them easier to fall apart. Stick anything in there just don’t fold the page!!

What’s your favorite type of bookmark? What about least favorite? Lets talk in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Rankings on Types of Bookmarks”

  1. I’ve been known to dog ear….. *awkward silence* LOL I know… my poor books. I write in them too oops!!! Great TTT spin :)))


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