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Book Review: Kit McBride Gets a Wife (The McBrides of Montana #1) by Amy Barry

Rating: ★★★★★
Genre: Western Romance 
Length: 352 pages
Author: Amy Barry
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: August 23rd, 2022
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The four McBride brothers have their worlds turned upside down when their precocious younger sister secretly places an advertisement for a mail-order bride.

Kit McBride knows that Buck’s Creek, Montana, is no place to find a wife. Between him and his three brothers–plus little Junebug–they manage all right on their own, thank you very much. But unbeknownst to Kit, his sister is sick to death of cleaning, cooking, and mending for her big brothers, so she places an ad in The Matrimonial News to get them hitched.

After Maddy Mooney emigrated from Ireland, she found employment with an eccentric but poor widow. When her mistress decides to answer an ad for a mail-order bride, Madd​y is dragged along for the ride to Montana. But en route to the West, Maddy is suddenly abandoned and left to assume the widow’s name, position, and matrimonial prospects….

With no other recourse in the wilderness, Maddy must convince Kit not only is she who she says she is, but she’s the wife he never knew he needed. 

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I’m pretty sure I had no less than five people mention how good this book was and I caved. AND I’M SO HAPPY I DID.

This was DELIGHTFUL. Exactly what I needed after some terrible ARCs I had to get through. Full of heart and love and a family just trying to make it through the winter in the West. I loved that is was multiple POV with the love interests and family members. It added such charm and whit to every scene.

I ADORED June Bug. The amount of times she made me laugh and smile could be counted on more than one hand. She was absolutely tenacious and I loved her snark and commitment to her story.

The romance aspects had me melting. I loooove a smitten man from the get-go and Kit was that man for me. I love how he and Maddy came together and it had everything I could hope for between them.

I can’t wait for the next book because I know it’ll be just as charming.

Overall audience notes:

  • Western Historical Romance
  • Language: very little
  • Romance: light innuendo; closed door
  • Violence: low
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: mentions of loss of loved ones

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Book Review

ARC Book Review: A Soldier’s Vow (Aster Ridge Ranch #7) by Kate Condie

Rating: ★★☆
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Length: 244 pages
Author: Kate Condie
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: October 7th, 2022
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Three years ago, he destroyed her family.

He’s been wrestling with himself ever since.

The war is over, but the battle has just begun.

Fay Morris’ life has taught her one thing: marry rich. And her plan is about to work, until her family’s one enemy decides to play the hero.

Three years ago, soldier Garrick Hampton made a mistake. He’s done running, but when he returns to Aster Ridge, nothing is as he expected. From the now grown Fay, to the unfamiliar feeling of home that makes his chest ache.

When Fay’s brother goes missing in a winter storm, Garrick is glad to help, and hopes for a sliver of forgiveness from Fay’s family. But Fay is no damsel and she doesn’t need help from a greenhorn. When a stormy search for her brother means the lines between friends and enemies are blurred and a fake marriage is required to keep them alive, will they learn what it is each of them really needs?

Thank you to the author for an eARC.


This missed big time for me. One of my grievance would definitely have to be not knowing what year it is. This is a western historical romance and I couldn’t pinpoint what exact year we were going for? Confused and bothered me.

There’s aspects of a lot of things I should love and some of those were well enough. I liked the enemies to lovers (though, because I didn’t read the previous books was confused about why they were enemies) banter and the forced proximity moments that brought them closer together.

Writing style wise we did not click. There were explanations of things that didn’t need explained in convoluted ways. And that continually took me out of the story.

I know this book may be a hit for others so if it sounds interesting I’d still say give it a go. I had other friends love it, and that’s why there’s many books out there for all.

Overall audience notes:

  • Western Historical Romance
  • Language: none
  • Romance: kisses
  • Violence: medium
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: gun violence

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Book Review

Book Review: At Love’s Command (Hanger’s Horsemen #1) by Karen Witemeyer

Rating: ☆☆☆
Audience: Christian Western Romance
Length: 384 pages
Author: Karen Witemeyer
Publisher: Bethany House Publishing
Release Date: June 2nd, 2020
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Ex-cavalry officer Matthew Hanger leads a band of mercenaries who defend the innocent, but when a rustler’s bullet leaves one of them at death’s door, they seek out help from Dr. Josephine Burkett. When Josephine’s brother is abducted and she is caught in the crossfire, Matthew may have to sacrifice everything–even his team–to save her.


This was more charming that I was expecting, even if the book wasn’t the five-star hopeful I was going for.

What I really enjoyed was the romance, so that’s a positive. It’s pretty instantaneous, but with the time period + layout of the story, it worked well. Matt is a stoic ex-cavalryman trying to assuage his guilt and Josephine is a doctor trying to get the respect she deserves. I love the way these two hit it off and anytime Matt grasped her for a fierce, will he survive, kind of kiss, I swooned big time.

There was a severe lack of dialogue. The more I read the more I started noticing that the pacing kept sloooowing down. I wanted more conversation and banter between anyone. The story then started to feel about 50 or so pages too long. The plot was entirely focused on something that I didn’t realize was going to take up so much page time. It’s not that it was bad, with the combination of other issues, just made me want to skim to the good parts.

I loved the setting because I’m pretty sure I’ve never read a Western historical romance (and I need to change that ASAP). And I also admittedly love a good lover distress moment where someone needs rescued. Cue a racing heart and daring getaways.

Overall audience notes:

  • Christian Western historical romance
  • Language: none
  • Romance: kisses
  • Violence: gun violence, physical altercations, kidnapping for ransom
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: the prologue is a recounting of the battle of Wounded Knee from the eye’s of Matt, loss of family, sexual harassment

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