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Book Review: The Luck of Finding You (The Nelson Sisters #1) by Taylor Epperson

Rating: ★★★
Audience: Contemporary Romance
Length: 280 pages
Author: Taylor Epperson
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: August 23rd, 2022
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Can you fall in love with the same person twice?

Exactly five years, five months, and three days ago I spent a single afternoon with a guy, Noah, and promptly fell in love with him. Then he left without leaving a number or his last name.

Now he’s standing above me in the same tiny cafe we met all those years ago. And he’s a grown man with an easy smile that’s making me feel eighteen again. But I don’t fall in love, not anymore.

Which is why I make this promise to myself. I will not fall in love with Noah. Again. Even if I do have to work with him every day for the next year in his Grandma’s book store, thanks to her will.

And I will not fall in love with Mo, my online best friend who’s suggesting that we finally meet in person after two years of talking.

Because in the end, guys always leave, and happily ever afters only exist in romance novels.


I enjoyed this one! It had a cute You’ve Got Mail-esque plot with some decent main characters. I adored the bookstore set-up and the forced proximity. There’s a very fast tempo to the story so if you’re looking for a sweet rom-com to read in a day, this could be it!

The insta-love was a bit of a struggle for me. I think pacing + insta was where it lost me. I have read books where insta-connections work, this though, fell flat. I wanted more depth from the main characters (praises for dual POV at least!). Trying to add in hard backgrounds + everything happening in present time + the romance was a tricky combination that didn’t always succeed.

There is a miscommunication trope here too. It isn’t over the top dramatic but I know this is a controversial trope to use so I figured I’d mention it. I liked the charming moments and the second chance these two took at love. The kissing scenes were nice and swoony and I think book two has the potential to be even better.

Overall audience notes:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Language: none
  • Romance: kisses
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: loss of a mother (recounted)

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Book Review

Monthly Reading Wrap-Up: February 2023

I’ve been focusing hard this year to try to pick books (and accepts ARCs) I legitimately think I will enjoy. Out of 80+ books, I’ve only had TWO two stars. And that to me is really impressive. I’ve also been doing a lot of rereading and I’m here for that era too.


  • First to Fall
  • A Game of Hearts
  • Final Offer
  • Into the Churn
  • All Rhodes Lead Here
  • A Waltz with Traitors
  • Edenbrooke
  • Wing and a Miss
  • Exes and O’s
  • The Bluff
  • The Work of Art
  • A Dawn of Onyx
  • Sensibly Wed
  • Running Barefoot
  • Royal Gone Rogue


  • Falling Hard for the Royal Guard
  • First to Fall (Lost Story Bookshop #2) by Jenny B. Jones
  • [Reread/ALC] Game of Hearts by Joanna Barker
  • Final Offer (Dreamland Billionaires #3) by Lauren Asher
  • The Alice Network by Kate Quinn
  • [ARC] Into the Churn by Hayley Reese Chow
  • Well of Eida (The Fallen Kingdoms #1) by KB Benson
  • [Reread] All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata
  • The Curse of Ophelia (The Curse of Ophelia #1) by Nicole Platania
  • Lord of Chaos (The Wheel of Time #6) by Robert Jordan
  • My Phony Valentine (Holidays With Hart #1) by Courtney Walsh
  • The Shattered City (The Last Magician #4) by Lisa Maxwell
  • [ARC] A Waltz with Traitors by A.L. Sowards
  • [Reread] Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson
  • Wing and a Miss (Deadlights Cove #3) by B. Perkins and Aimee Vance
  • Spice Road (The Spice Road Trilogy #1) by Maiya Ibrahim
  • [Novella] Mysteries of Thorn Manor (Sorcery of Thorns #1.5) by Margaret Rogerson
  • [Reread] Exes and O’s (The Influencer #2) by Amy Lea
  • [Gifted] Lovely Dark and Deep (Fallow Creek #1) by Claudia Cain
  • [Reread/ALC] The Bluff (Graham Brothers #2) by Emma St. Clair
  • These Infinite Threads (This Woven Kingdom #2) by Tahereh Mafi
  • [ARC] Happy Place by Emily Henry
  • Spare by Prince Harry
  • [Gifted] Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes
  • [ARC] Falling Hard for the Royal Guard by Megan Clawson
  • [Novella] Coming Home by Kennedy Ryan
  • Blood & Steel (The Legends of Thezmarr #1) by Helen Scheuerer
  • The Work of Art (Somerset Stories #1) by Mimi Matthews
  • A Dawn of Onyx (The Sacred Stones #1) by Kate Golden
  • In Spotlight and Shadow (Doors to the Past #11) by Rachel Scott McDaniel
  • The Unselected Journals of Emma M. Lion (The Unselected Journals #1) by Beth Brower
  • Sensibly Wed (Bradwell Brothers #1) by Kasey Stockton
  • [ARC] Love Buzz by Neely Tubati Alexander
  • Running Barefoot by Amy Harmon
  • Beauty and the Blade by S.C. Grayson
  • Mr. Gardiner and the Governess (Clairvoir Castle Romances #1) by Sally Britton
  • [ARC] The Enchanted Hacienda by J.C. Cervantes
  • Stardust in Their Veins (Castles in Their Bones #2) by Laura Sebastian
  • [ARC] Royal Gone Rogue (Sweet Royal RomComs #2) by Emma St. Clair
  • Chain of Thorns (The Last Hours #3) by Cassandra Clare
  • A Tournament of Crowns (A Trial of Sorcerers #3) by Elise Kova

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Book Review

Book Review: My Phony Valentine (Holidays with Hart #1) by Courtney Walsh

Rating: ★★★★
Audience: Contemporary Sports Romance
Length: 373 pages
Author: Courtney Walsh
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: February 8th, 2023
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A chance meeting. A hunky hockey player. A fake romance.
Hardly an ordinary day in the life of Poppy Hart.

My days usually consist of agonizing over my failing restaurant, worrying about my mountain of debt and nursing my broken heart.

Everything changes when I bump into a man in the coffee shop and claim him as my new boyfriend. To my absolute horror, he turns out to be hockey’s most renowned bad boy, Dallas Burke. To my absolute delight, he goes along with my story.

When his no-nonsense manager and meddling grandmother jump in the picture, they see a win-win solution for my failing restaurant and Dallas’s less-than-stellar reputation.

A full-fledged fake romance complete with contract negotiations, pretend dates and phony PDA.

But as I get to know the real Dallas Burke, who is not the man the press says he is, it becomes clear that if this isn’t real. . . someone better tell it to my heart.


Well this was just real dang sweet. If you’re looking for low angst, closed door, reformed bad boys and hockey? Read this. Easy.

I liked a lot of this book, more-so the second half. There was good chemistry between Poppy and Dallas and there were some prime moments that I am ALWAYS here for (protective heroes are my jam). I truly thought they got along well and I liked the fake dating aspects too. AND that they both were vocal about their wants and needs as well. There’s a very light hearted vibe to this that made me feel good and I love books that do that.

There’s some tiny tidbits here and there I didn’t love. I don’t love gossip-type magazine chapters. I really can’t stand mean girl side characters. And the grand gesture at the end left me with a little bit of second hand embarrassment (and didn’t fit the MMC’s character throughout the book).

Besides those small things I like the fluttery butterfly feeling this book gives. They’re some GREAT kissing scenes and I officially want to go on a binge read of all things sports romance. I loooove when I can find a closed door sports romance.

Overall audience notes:

  • Contemporary Sports Romance
  • Language: none
  • Romance: kisses
  • Violence: low
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: incarcerated parent, car accident

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Book Review

Book Review: Love Off-Limits (Some Kind of Love #3) by Jenny Proctor

Rating: ★★★★
Audience: Contemporary Romance
Length: 293 pages
Author: Jenny Proctor
Publisher: Four Petal Press
Release Date: October 21st, 2021
Image & Other Reviews on: Goodreads


Tyler is hard enough to resist. Put a baby goat in his arms? Oh, I’m a goner.

Romance is the last thing on my mind when I meet Tyler at a wedding.

Yes, he’s gorgeous. Yes, we have instant chemistry.

But I can’t go there with him. I’m too busy convincing my skeptical parents I’m ready to run our family farm to give Tyler’s smoldering smile a passing glance.

Fine. I glanced. And possibly . . . kissed.

But then I went home all the way in a different state. See? Crisis averted.

Until Tyler shows up in North Carolina looking for a job. Of course, I give him one. We’ve already established I’m terrible at resisting his charm.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen, really. Tyler doing manual labor within easy sight of my office window. Me trying NOT to randomly tumble into his arms. But no matter how cute he looks holding a baby goat (or how much I wish I was that baby goat), he’s off-limits until I earn my dad’s trust.

The trouble is, there’s always a risk when you push away something good. If you push too hard, you just might lose it forever.

Love Off-Limits is a stand-alone novel in a connected series. Enjoy the charming small-town appeal of a mountain farm, characters with closed-door but still sizzling chemistry, and of course, a baby goat named Penelope to tug on all your heartstrings. 


I was in the midst of trying to find a sweet romance to read in-between some fantasies and this one delivered!! Adored and read it in a day.

It was incredible that I found myself enjoying an insta-connection. That’s generally not my favorite trope, but the writing had me drawn in from the get-go. I really liked Tyler and Olivia. Fantastic chemistry and swoony kisses.

The setting was fun. I love a good farm background and this place sounded absolutely gorgeous. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the antics like chasing chickens and falling into manure. The comedic humor was on point and the ADORABLE GOAT? Oh my goodness, heart eyes.

I didn’t necessarily see this as a forbidden romance? It didn’t have the sense that they actually couldn’t be together. Besides that, no complaints. It was everything I was looking for and made me want to continue the series.

Overall audience notes:

  • Contemporary romance
  • Language: none
  • Romance: kisses
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: parent who had a stroke

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