Book Talk

My Rating System

I more than likely did not finish this book for a variety of reasons. Plenty of mistakes in all forms (grammatical, plot holes, character issues, etc.).


 I finished the book! Woo boy though, I will not be picking up the next book in the series and am surprised I even finished the book to begin with.


This book wasn’t bad. Some flaws I couldn’t ignore, but I enjoyed the story overall. Would still recommend. It is probably a case of “not quite for me, but could be for you!”


TOO GOOD Y’ALL. I thoroughly had a good time reading this book. I have already ordered the next one. There was something missing that kept it from being a total knock-out, but I was entranced nonetheless.


YAAAAAS. All the gold stars. All the feelings. All the things. I have a lot of things to say about this book. It was amazing and any flaw was too minor for me to pay much mind and I will recommend it to everyone.

I also now include a section titled Overall audience notes. This is a bullet section highlighting some main features of the book. Including but not limited to: language, sexual content, violence, trigger potentials or harsh subjects.