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Book Review: The Key (London Prep #4) by Jillian Dodd

Rating: ☆☆☆
Audience: YA Contemporary Romance
Length: 400 pages
Author: Jillian Dodd
Publisher: Swoonworthy Books
Release Date: February 23rd, 2021
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It’s my final day at Kensington School, and my exchange is coming to an end. My flight for New York leaves tomorrow, and I’m not ready to say goodbye to the boys I love.

But then three key things happened at school. Noah told me to forget about him, Harry broke up with me, and I finally kissed Noah Williams.

When I kissed him in the lunchroom in front of everyone, it was out of anger. I wanted to prove to Harry that I didn’t have feelings for Noah.

But I was wrong.

The kiss was incredible. But it was also a mistake. Harry watched it happen, Mohammad sat in shock, and Noah told me that he would never forgive me. I made a huge, public mess of things. But thankfully, it’s time for me to leave. I’m going to take Noah’s advice and cut all ties.

No good-byes.
No apologies.
No more heartbreak.

I’m going to leave the three boys I love in London, hoping that they’ll be able to pick up the pieces of their friendship. And maybe in the process, they’ll find the pieces of my broken heart.

Because I know I’ll be going to New York without it.


That’s how this book made me feel: salty.

Why you ask?

I’m reading a love triangle contemporary romance filled with drama to the brim. AND NO ONE EVEN KISSED THIS BOOK. I expected romance and got none of it.

I think this series should have ended with this book honestly. Make it a bit longer and give the ending we all want [TEAM NOAH OF COURSE] and move on. Mal spends the entire book stubbornly refusing to listen to anyone around her and I got over it real quick.

It was cute seeing Mallory’s birthday and her solidifying some friendships. I love her and Mohammad. They are the best of friends and were the best part of this particular installment. I can’t help but roll my eyes and flip pages continuously while reading. It’s really easy to get swept away in the dramatics of this story, I am always wanting more.

All the love for Noah still. I just missed so much of the angst and tension between characters. I will read the next book only because I have become invested enough to make sure I see this through to the end. Let it be known this series will sour if my ship doesn’t sail.

Overall audience notes:

  • YA Contemporary Romance
  • Language: some strong throughout
  • Romance: nada
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: underage drinking

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Book Review

Book Review: The Kiss (London Prep #3) by Jillian Dodd

Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Audience: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Length: 518 pages
Author: Jillian Dodd
Publisher: Swoonworthy Books
Release Date: September 17th, 2020
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It’s the last week of my exchange in London, and my flight leaves on Saturday.

Harry wants our relationship to progress, but his family life is falling apart. And shocking news from his parents might send him over the edge.
Noah is becoming more reckless with both his words and his actions. Between longing glances, sweet conversations and heated moments, I don’t know where we stand.
And Mohammad tells me that I have some important decisions to make.

The countdown is on, and only two things are certain.
I’m going to have to leave the three boys I’ve grown to love.
And by the end of the week, I’m not sure if any of them will ever forgive me.

It’s a good thing my time at Kensington is almost up.


That’s literally the only word I can use to describe this book.

Here I am, book three. Still heavily invested y’all. I can’t wait to get my hands on book four. I NEED THE FINALE.

I did struggle with Mallory this time. She came off so oblivious and wishy-washy about every little thing. For the way the other characters described her, I did not feel the same. Mallory was a bit blinded by it all and it really led to obnoxious drama. I did love her relationship with Mohammed. They are such cute friends! And I like that there was more of his background in this story.

But WOW. Did that ending leave me gasping or what? This is a continuation type series where every book essentially is a cliffhanger because the next one picks up immediately where the previous left off. I am flabbergasted as to how this goes and I kind of hope it continues back in New York! Bringing the boys over there would be a hoot.

As usual, a lot happened and I found the pages flying by. I love escaping into these books and enjoying the magnetism of this love triangle saga. MY TEAM BETTER COME OUT ON TOP.

Overall audience notes:

  • New adult contemporary romance
  • Language: some strong throughout
  • Romance: kisses / make-outs; a few mild detailed love scenes
  • Violence: physical

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Book Review

Book Review: The Boy’s Club (London Prep #2) by Jillian Dodd

Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Audience: New adult contemporary romance
Length: 438 pages
Author: Jillian Dodd
Publisher: Bandit Publishing
Release Date: May 21st, 2020
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It’s only my second week at Kensington School, and things are getting complicated.

I thought my relationship with Harry was finished, but he came over late one night, apologized, and asked me to be his girlfriend. I swooned right there, in the middle of the street.

And we are definitely back together.
He calls me babe, brings me flowers, and is planning our first official date.
Our relationship is growing, and I’m starting to want him in ways I never expected.

I’m falling for him.

But then there’s Noah.
I live in his house and share a bathroom with him, and we’ve had a few intense moments.

But nothing compared to him sauntering into the room, declaring that I want him and that, at some point, he’s going to give in to me.

I know!
The nerve.
I’m not sure how I’m going to tell him that I’m dating his best friend again.
Or how I’m going to keep my eyes off his shirtless chest.

With tensions running high between Noah and me, Harry’s ongoing family issues, my new friendship with Naomi, and Mohammad’s party-planning skills, things are getting crazy.


No really.

Someone needs to tell me how this ends.

Oh wait.

I’ll just keep devouring these books in a day instead.

Yes. Yes, I did pick this up. BECAUSE I HAVE A SIDE. And we all know, in a love triangle scenario if our side doesn’t win it usually ruins the series for us. Time will tell if that’s the case for me here. I’m really hoping it isn’t because I will be devastated.

I do struggle a touch with the age of these characters and imagine them in my mind 19/20 rather than 16. The underage drinking/partying/etc. is a lot at times. I really am watching some teen reality show play out in front of me. It’s addicting. I can’t stop reading.

But I kinda love it for those exact reasons too. They’re some books that feel totally different and immersive from my usual preferences of romance/genre that really sink their claws into me. I love that I can’t put these down and want to know what happens next. I love the quick pace and back and forth characters. The angst and drama. It’s all here folks.

Overall audience notes:

  • New adult contemporary romance
  • Language: some strong throughout
  • Romance: kisses / make-outs; a moderately detailed love scene
  • Content warnings: underage drinking

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Book Review

Book Review: The Exchange (London Prep #1) by Jillian Dodd

Rating: ☆☆☆☆ 
Audience: New adult contemporary romance
Length: 314 pages
Author: Jillian Dodd
Publisher: Swoonworthy Books
Release Date: March 19th, 2020
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London Prep—where the boys are as cute as their accents.

When my parents told me that I’d be spending three weeks at a London prep school on a student exchange my junior year, I was furious. I love New York. My school. My friends. And I didn’t want to leave. But after some not-so-subtle insistence about experiencing a new culture, gaining worldly knowledge, and the fact that it was only three weeks, I knew I wasn’t getting out of it.

So, I decided that if I had to go, I might as well have some fun.
Which was how I met Harry at a pub. His blue eyes, adorable accent, and charm instantly won me over—right after his lips did.

And I started to think that London might not be so bad.

But then I met Noah.
He’s tall, dark, intense, and spends way too much time in the shower. I know this because I have to live with him. And did I mention that he hates me?

My first day at school is more eventful than I anticipated. A boy named Mohammad takes me under his wing, declares himself my guide to the “hostile and hormonal battlefield that is Kensington School,” and lays three facts on me:

He, Harry, and Noah are best mates.
I’m the new girl and bound to cause drama.
And I’ve already got his boys all twisted up.

I’m in way over my head, and it’s only my first day!


I’m kinda laughing at myself for reading this. It’s not usually what I pick up, but after a couple of friends good reviews I decided, what the heck?

And then…I was sucked in by all the tropes I don’t usually like. Insta-love + love triangle. WHO AM I? I’m concluding that I really needed a palate cleanser from the bigger fantasies I’ve been reading lately.

Though, now I’m invested, and have chosen a side (TEAM NOAH). Which means I’ve already downloaded book two because I need some answers.

The only way to describe this is that I felt like I was watching a realty TV show that isn’t all that fantastic, but couldn’t look away from. This is filled with a lot of drama, girl fights, club parties on a Wednesday, and a prep school. Mallory has some older YA vibes (and the book I honestly think leans towards new adult) that I liked. She could handle herself, even wrapped up in hormones, and had a quirky personality that made me connect with her.

I adore the boys she’s fallen in with. Harry, Noah and Mohammed are a fun group. Definitely make some poor choices, but adds some spice to this [only] week long story line.

Overall audience notes:

  • YA / New adult contemporary romance
  • Language: some strong throughout
  • Romance: kisses / make-outs; innuendo and general discussions of sex
  • Violence: physical altercations
  • Trigger/Content warnings: physically abusive parent, underage drinking

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