Book Review

Book Review: Fractured Sky (Tattered & Torn #5) by Catherine Cowles

Rating: ★★★★★
Audience: Contemporary Romance
Length: 334 pages
Author: Catherine Cowles
Publisher: Pagesmith LLC
Release Date: October 25th, 2022
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Damaged. Broken. Destroyed. I’ve heard it all. A single moment of trusting the wrong person shattered my life into pieces, and my family has never looked at me the same. It’s impossible to convince them that I’m anything more than the broken girl they rescued all those years ago.

Until I meet him.

Ramsey’s surly demeanor and menacing scowl scare most of the world away. But not me. Not when I’ve seen his gentle hands soothe an abused colt or comfort a terrified mare.

And when I finally get up the courage to strike out on my own, Ramsey’s there. Roommates felt like such a safe proposition until Ramsey’s lingering touches and wicked smile light a fire in me I don’t think will ever be extinguished. And he feels it, too…

But just as my new life begins to take root, an evil from my past emerges from the shadows, casting a darkness on my newfound freedom. And this time, they won’t settle for pieces of me. They want everything…


I expected this to be my favorite of the series and it delivered.

I have been waiting for Shiloh and Ramsey’s story to pull at every single piece of my heart and to leave me misty eyed. AND IT DID JUST THAT. I loved seeing Shiloh’s strength and getting her POV at last to understand all of her emotions and feelings.

And how swoony was Ramsey???? Just that beautiful calming presence who let Shiloh be without any expectations. YES. I was obsessed with these two from the start. Adding in the super sweet Aidan and Elliot brought out the feels. I loved this side plot and the healing it brought to all parties as they rallied together to give peace where it was due.

Filled with all the dramatic suspense I’ve come to expect from Cowles books I was flipping pages fast to get to the promised HEA. I looove switching it up with romantic suspense read. The dynamic is uniquely different and perfectly heated.

Overall audience notes:

  • Romantic suspense
  • Language: light
  • Romance: three brief open; low-med explicit
  • Violence: medium-high
  • Trigger/Content Warnings: kidnapping, child abuse, domestic abuse, false imprisonment, gun violence, weapons violence, near death experiences

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